What Are the Best Acne Scar Treatments?

There are different types of acne scars, and according to the type and severeness of them you can determine which acne treatment is better for you. Following, we are going to explain the best acne scar treatment.

If you are wondering, radiofrequency is very safe. The devices produces a signal in the harmless side of the electromagnetic spectrum (radio). In fact, the energy used in radiofrequency is one billion times slower than the one used in X-rays.

Ice Pick Acne Scars

With this kind of scarring, it usually looks like you have small holes in your skin. The best treatment for ice pick acne scars is radiofrequency. Radiofrequency is a technology that make your skin produce collagen which helps fill and smoothen the little holes throughout your face. In recent years, radiofrequency has gained popularity thanks to its non-invasive and painless application. This treatment works by sending heat waves to the deepest layers of your skin, making them start generating collagen almost instantly.

Due to the nature of the ice pick acne scars, the best way to treat them is by providing a good amount of collagen to fill progressively the little holes left by the acne scars.

Boxcar Acne Scars

Boxcar acne scars also look like holes in your skin; the main difference is that these holes are a little wider that the ones in ice pick scars. For this reason, we recommend two treatments: a chemical peel and radiofrequency.

Chemical peel is a mix of acids that are applied to your skin for approximately four or five minutes in order to remove the top layers of your skin tissue. When these layers are removed, your body immediately starts producing new cells to regenerate the skin tissue that was lost. This helps to heal or remove some superficial scars and even prevents your pores to clog.

Chemical peels have three different levels of depth; deep, moderate, and superficial. Deep and moderate peels are only applied in medical spas with specialized professionals that will know which kind of chemical peel is best for your acne scars and skin type.

It is very important to consult a specialist before applying any chemical peel. Due to the acids involved in the treatment, many skin types can react unfavorably to it if not done under professional supervision and guidelines.

Radiofrequency when combined with chemical peels is one of the best ways to treat boxcar acne scars. The production of new skin cells plus the collagen that your skin will produce with the radiofrequency treatment will fill progressively the large holes left by the scars.

Rolling Acne Scars

The main characteristic of this scar is that it is formed like little roads or lines with valleys or holes on either side of it. Nowadays, the best treatment to smoothen the appearance of these scars is Micro-needling.

This technology consists of performing minimally-invasive pinpricks in the damaged skin. With a few sessions, the increased production of collagen will produce visible changes. But that’s just the beginning because there’s an added benefit to opening new channels in your skin. It allows for skincare products to get deeper into the tissue and absorb below the epidermis.

Hyperpigmentation Acne Scars

These black or red scars are a very common result of an acne outbreak. All of the treatments mentioned above can help you heal this type of scars; radiofrequency, chemical peels, or MicroNeedling. But it is essential that you use sunblock. Regardless of whether you are having one of these professional treatments or not, if you don’t use sunblock, these scars will only get darker if you expose them to the sunlight.

We recommend you to go to your nearest specialist to evaluate the best treatment for your specific scars, and also to recommend you the best skincare products for your type of skin.

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